The research and application of stem cell therapies grows by the day!! It is only a matter of time until the practical implementation of this "miracle of modern medicine" begins to impact procedures and applications effecting the broadest range of curative medicine. Stem Cell Development Fund, LLC (SCDF) is a finance platform, staffed by well chosen professionals, to assist companies with market ready technologies within the Adult Stem Cell world. With a small group of players, RMF can maneuver quickly in evaluating, assessing, and bringing much needed capital to PROVEN professionals. The current focus is on

Multipotent Adult Stem Cells (MASCs) which, we believe, is where the true future of stem cell therapy and application prevails. Bringing these products through the rigorous FDA clinical trials is time consuming, expensive, and political! The professionals associated with RMF, through their contacts and relationships, are capable and enthusiastic in their ability to introduce not just capital, but also the public awareness and guidance necessary for the broader market to know, accept, and appreciate the value of its client's products. As was true in the early 90's with the "tech revolution", a few well informed investors made HUGE windfalls. Computers were around for decades before the general investment community was able to start reaping these financial rewards. Stem cell therapy research has already been around for over 50 years!  We concentrate on the long term review and monitoring of the subject Companies to bring you the most calculated opportunity to help humanity and PROFIT!!