What was in fact an accidental discovery in 1961, has now, 57+ years later, finally matured into the impactful, miraculous dynamic that always held so much promise.  From a purely investment point of view, this window in time could be the most prestigious and profitable time in the history of modern medicine!!  Consider this: In spite of the huge political and perceived ethical challenges stem cell research has led to:

* November, 2010: Advanced Cell Technology wins FDA approval to test stem cell therapy for degenerative eye disease.

* November, 2011: Pope hails the potential for Adult Stem Cell research.

* January, 2012: Blindness eased by historic stem cell treatment.

* July, 2013: Human liver created from stem cell development.

* April, 2014: British scientists create custom-made body parts, using stem cells.

* July, 2015: Researchers develop patient specific heart muscle replacement from stem cells.

* August, 2015: Functional kidneys developed from stem cells.

* February, 2016: Woman's blindness REVERSED by stem cell treatment.

* February, 2016: Stem cells used to restore function & replace destroyed portion of human brain.

This may over-simplify the issue, but essentially Adult Stem Cell therapies and applications are right at hand! After so many years of uncovering the mystery of Stem Cells, the sector is about to implement this "miracle of modern medicine". Unlike so many of the modern medicines, this is "curative" as opposed to "problem management".

Whereas so many other protocols and pharmaceuticals are containment or management oriented to the problem, Adult Stem Cell applications are curative, they don't mange the problem or issue, they eliminate it!

Further here you will read tons of details and information about the industry. But, ask any successful investor about the importance of timing and the common denominator answer is ...... TIMING IS EVERYTHING!! The time for hitting the proverbial home run AND save lives is right here, right now!!